Watch Race Gurram movie online on aha

Watch Race Gurram movie online on aha

Race Gurram is an excellent entertainer in telugu film industry. You have to watch this movie if you are alluarjun’s fans. This is a story of a guy called lucky, who has a police brother but since childhood they were never in sync. Let’s see if the brother has any changes in perspective. Will they change and become good brothers? Excited to know what next, watch Race Gurram movie online n aha. You can watch movies for free.Racegurram is an industry hit, so kindly watch it to enjoy a quality time with friends and family.


The story begins with two brothers Ram and lakshman in short lucky! They both hated each other so much that they could resist. They Keep fighting and taunt for every tiny thing. Ram is a strict police officer, who works extremely hard for his job and enjoys working. Lucky is a roadside fellow, who always roams on roads with friends joblessly, but he also has a goal to go to the USA, he falls in love with Spandana, at first she doesn’t react to anything, later Lucky changes her into a normal human. When she becomes normal her family gets suspicious. Lucky talks to her parents and convinces them. The actual twistand the main villains enter the story. A local rowdy tries to become MLA and then Home Minster, he loves to be in political power. Ram has a file which can crash Shiva reddy’s dream. In some mischiefs of Lucky they lost the file. Everything goes into water but the interval scene will be epic. The conversations between Shiva reddy and Lucky are impressive, stay tuned and look at what happens in the 2nd half. Watch it now.

Technical Aspects:

  • This movie has the best ever music, all songs in this movie are super hits. DSP have done a splendid job of giving epic songs that would be remembered forever.
  • Story! Story is the actual king of this movie. It’s a unique idea which was implemented in the right manner.
  • This movie has the screenplay which is aming. The way it was written is jaw dropping.
  • Dialogues! Omg! They are at the next level, which look the movie also at the same level.
  • Location of the movie is too good! Especially the interval acne the conversion happens is just awesome.

Artists Performance:

  • Allu Arjun is an insane actor who does justice to the role he picks up. He was just amazing that words wouldn’t justify.
  • Shruthi Hassan needs special appreciation as she worked so hard to be composed and to be fit into Spanadana.
  • Shaam has a police officer and a brother has performed awesome. He will give him the buzz of success.

Cast and Crew:

Director: Surender Reddy

Producer: BabyBavya, Nallamalupu Srinivas, Dr. Venkateswara Rao

Screenplay: Surender Reddy

Story: VakkanthamVamsi

Actor: Allu Arjun

Actress: ShrutiHaasan

Other Actors: Shaam, Ravi Kishan

Music: S. Thaman

Cinematographer: ManojParamahamsa

Editor: Gautham Raju

More Information:

Release date: 11 April 2014

Running time: 163 minutes

Gebre: Romantic, comedy action

Budget: ₹50 crore

Box office: est. ₹100 crore

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